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Find a wide array of alternative medical products of the highest quality at reasonable prices. Our Cannabis Oil is of the highest quality of plants. Our laboratory dedicates their way of life so we can be sure to have the best results for all of our cancer and sick patients. We grow almost all of our marijuana for our cannabis oil. The highest quality free of pesticide, mildew, mold and other contaminants.

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Marijuana2Go.com sells company as of 7/1/2016

Puget Sound Health Alternative Dispensary purchased Maijuana2Go.com

Company Marijuana2Go.com and Pugetsoundhealthalternativesdispensary.com are now one.      

All of the old customers from Marijuana2Go.com when you order on the new website just text the code (420) and your order will be double at no extra charge for being loyal customers at Marijuana2Go.com.

We at Puget Sound Health Alternative Dispensary want to make the transition as easy as possible from Marijuan2Go to our       main company.

We at Puget Sound Health Alternative Dispensary we had to purchase Marijuana2Go.com because all the neglect and negligence that was going on.  We know that the partners and the employees at Marijuana2Go are very upset and mad.  

We hope in months to come that Marijuana2Go employees and partners will understand why we had to take over.


The New Management Team

Cannabis Oil / Rick Simpson Oil

Medical Marijuana Puget Sound Health Alternatives

First we grow the finest marijuana. All the white frost (Trichomes) is where the oil comes from.

Hemp Oil Puget Sound Health Alternatives

Then we dissolve the oil bearing Trichomes off the flowers and get this solution.

Cannabas Oil Syringe

After the solvent evaporates we are left with 100% pure cannabis oil.

Our Cannabis Oil is pure and potent. Never watered down or diluted, just 100% pure Cannabis Oil extracted from top quality marijuana grown by us in Seattle, WA, laboratory tested, then offered for sale here.

We currently have 3 varieties of cannabis oil available for sale which are listed below.

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