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Puget Sound Health Alternatives Dispensary is a medical marijuana collective organized as a Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation. Our goal is to make it easy for members to obtain their medical marijuana without having to travel to a dispensary or meet a stranger at their home. Once you are a member of our collective, you can order from our web site, pay with check or Money Order and we will discreetly ship your order to your home or office which only takes few days to arrive.

We grow almost all of the marijuana we offer and use in our products. Maintaining tight control on how the marijuana is grown and the oil extraction process allows us to confidently provide the highest quality products that are free of pesticides, mildew, mold or other contaminants. All of our marijuana and cannabis oils are laboratory tested by an accredited laboratory prior to being offered for sale.

We are located in Washington, near the coast, and grow most of our marijuana indoors using a variety of methods including hydroponics and growing in soil. We have an outdoor garden we utilize during the growing season from April to November.

The medicinal segment of the marijuana industry is where we want to be and where we find the greatest amount of satisfaction for our efforts. Growing top quality marijuana requires a lot of time, energy, knowledge, and dedication. We enjoy what we do and knowing that someone suffering with an illness is benefiting from our efforts is very rewarding.

If you have any specific questions about us or our operation, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email pugetsoundhealth@gmail.com.

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